Roman infrastructure

Create a resource page for one aspect of Roman urban infrastructure. Your resource page will be on the Fundamentum Latinum Wiki, in your group workspace. You can put everything on one wiki page, or link to other pages you create. Post a link to your resource page into this forum.

Your resource page should include:

  1. one or more articles, in your own words, with pertinent information about the size, shape, built, use and function of your structure. You may want to include whether your structure was found in provincial Roman towns, or only or chiefly in Rome itself, and which social stratum of Roman society would frequent it.

  2. 3-5 pictures of (a) typical structure(s); you may embed an animoto slideshow, or just post the pictures as a gallery

  3. a flickr photostream or a video, embedded; click here for directions.

  4. external links to websites, blogs and/or videos, so the reader can 'drill down' for more information

  5. a reference section defining or explaining any unfamiliar terms you use in your post

  6. a 'works consulted' section, in which you list the resources you used. Websites must be hyperlinked and cited properly (use noodle tools). Give credit to photos you use.

Choose from these structures (one per group):

  • amphitheater
  • baths
  • aqueducts and fountains
  • Roman roads : construction and network
  • theater
  • forum
  • insula
  • circus

Don't forget to post a link to your resource page into the moodle forum "Roman infrastructure."

Click here for an example of a resource page.