What is a Myth, Legend, and Folktale?

A myth is a traditional story, that is usually about a superhero or supernatural event. Many myths explain a phenomenon of nature. It is unproven and a false belief.
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-Example:Bigfoot: The story of Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) started in 1884. It is a gorilla type creature with long hair and somewhat resembles a human. The creature walks upright like a human and possesses incredible strength. The myth of Bigfoot still exists today.
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A nonhistorical story passed down from earlier times as a tradition.
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-Example: The Tooth Fairy- When a child loses a tooth they are told to put it under thier pillow and the Tooth Fairy will come and take the tooth and leave them money.
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A folktale is a tale orininating from people of folk. These are passed down from people to people oraly. They are usually false and based on tradition.
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-Example: Hansel and Gretel: The two kids wander into the woods and get lost. They leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way back, but the bread is eaten. The children find a gingerbread house in the woods in which lives a wicked witch who wants to eat them. The children then outsmart the witch and escape from her clutches.

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How Do They Relate?´╗┐
1. They are all based on tradition.
2. Folktales and Myth's are usually unproven and false.
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